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STORY: You are a cat named Tim, you have failed to pay your bills and will lose your house soon. But you still have a chance to redeem yourself! You are going into the great ancient maze in search of treasure! And thus, the game begins.

Latest Version (V1.1): https://makecode.com/_EvRdmCdA6CwX

Pinnguaq Website: https://pinnguaq.com/




Future? Well, I plan to add an expansion at some point, maybe make a fighter, you just wait!

V1.1: Added music (aka a simple repeating melody)

Play Version 1.1 Here: https://makecode.com/_EvRdmCdA6CwX

V1.0: Release of the base game

Play Version 1.0 Here: https://makecode.com/_0qDCEe5k9Vdi



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Hope you enjoy